About The Inventor

Gregg Wilson is the inventor of the Wreckin’ Ball Helmet platform and is the current President and CEO of Wreckin’ Ball Helmets, LLC.

Gregg Wilson was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and served as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 6 years where he earned a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in 1995.

He first moved to the United States in 1998 where he continued his career as an aerospace engineering consultant for the likes of Boeing Commercial Air Group, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Boeing Space and Defense, Boom Supersonic, Sikorsky, Gulfstream, Learjet, and Triumph.  He currently has over 27 years of aerospace engineering experience where he holds citizenship for both Canada and the United States.

While growing up in Canada, Gregg Wilson was always an avid fan of organized sports.  During his younger years as an officer in the Canadian Air Force, his peers and himself often wore their military issued helmets during BBQ’s and social gathers for a good laugh and to generate a fun environment.  He eventually called upon this early experience and ultimately invented the latest innovation of novelty headwear known as the “Wreckin’ Ball”.  It was the perfect engineering solution (a sphere) to amplifying the only visible body part of every fan… their head.

The positive reaction was overwhelming.  After experimenting with other sports, venues, and applications, the enormous potential of this platform became immediately clear.  His novelty headwear is the perfect marriage of his unique military experience and the fun atmosphere that surrounds most sporting events and annual holidays.  The appeal of this product transcends virtually all working classes, backgrounds, nationalities, ages, and genders.

Since Wreckin' Ball first broke on the scene, over 200 prototypes have been created, over 14 design patents have been awarded and 1 trademark has been issued.

Varying versions of Wreckin’ Ball have been depicted in over 500 publications worldwide, shown in hundreds of national and local television clips, and has made countless Jumbo-Tron appearances.  It is truly the ultimate attention grabber.

Wreckin' Ball Helmets

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