• “… It was about a year ago when I met you after the Thanksgiving Day Cowboys game at Texas Land and Cattle with your wife. I have been waiting for your awesome helmets to be on the market and just tonight I saw you on tv during Cowboys - Bears game. I was wondering if I can finally order my helmet because I CAN'T WAIT :-) As I said in the past, I would be willing to promote your helmets in any ways because I just think they are cool. Let me know.”

    Davide C.

  • “I would like to reserve the first Wreckin' Ball helmet of the United Kingdom or England, plus Manchester Utd, and am happy to pay for that privilege!”

    Ian D.

  • “Hey Gregg, I saw you last night at the Rangers' game with your baseball helmet on - would have recognized you anywhere. I was right behind home plate and the game was awesome...”

    Pamela S. (Captain at Gates E & F - Cowboys' games)

  • “I met Greg at the Superbowl and loved his helmet!!! It was so unique and awesome, I haven't stopped thinking about it yet!”

    Michelle M.

  • “Makes you stand out....looks fun to have on...” “… Hey! I met you at the game. I want to work for you…”

    Michelle M.

  • “Hi Gregg, I am a vendor at Fenway Park. I met you last season one night while I was selling hot dogs. I inquired about your fancy headgear and you gave me your business card with the instruction of emailing you. I also work at a local hockey/sporting good shop. It would be pretty cool for us to get a custom helmet with our logo to have in our shop and it could potentially conjur up some business for you in our area. Is something like these possible and if so how much would it cost?... Go Pat!”

    Joe D.

  • “We met at the Buffet concert and I was the guy who stopped you to take a picture with myself in the pirate hat…” “…Not going to lie, I'm pretty stoked about getting one…” “…I'd def pay up to $75 maybe more for one. If you get this I'd definitely like to sport one for ya…”

    Lowell D.

  • “It was nice to meet you and your beautiful wife at the Junior League Ball. I would like to order one of the American Flag Helmets for my friend who is going to officer candidate school. Please let me know.”

    Carl S.

  • “It was good to meet you guys this past Saturday at the Yankees bar…” “…I’ve been telling my friends about the helmets and the feedback I’ve been getting is pretty positive. I asked them how much they would pay for one of the helmets. The response ranged from $50 to $75. Anyway, I think you have a great product and would love to be one of the first people to have one. Please let me know if this is possible?”

    Chintan D.

  • “It looks bad a**”

  • “I have seen the wrecking ball helmets and I'm interested in getting one or two. I would like a Dallas cowboys silver but was wondering on the cost and delivery. If you could help me out I would appreciate it thanks. “ “Looks good and something never really seen before. It would stand out at the games.”

    Jose H.

  • “Hey I am the guy you met at the Cowboys Pro Shop about a week ago …” “…Man I really want one of these. To the point that I'm willing to pay more than $300 for this since an authentic standard helmet cost approximately $300. So with that said getting a custom awesome helmet like this is definitely worth the price. I want one so bad and would love to wear this on home game weekends at work. Hope to hear from you guys soon I'll try to keep in touch.” “It's awesome and has a look that will never seize to amaze people. It looks great and will definitely make it big once it's out.”

    Eddie R.

  • “The Wreckin Ball Helmets are awesome. I meet you at the Rangers Ballpark. We would love to get a basketball helmet with no logos. This would be for our high school boy to wear during high school basketball games. Do you sell the helmets in single quantities and do you have a price on them? Thank you for your time.”

    Ted W.

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