• Life Is A Ball Campaign<br />(Make a Donation)

    Life Is A Ball Campaign
    (Make a Donation)

    Life Is A Ball Campaign<br />(Make a Donation)

    Life Is A Ball Campaign
    (Make a Donation)

    We’re proud to announce the first year of our "Life Is A Ball" campaign where we're donating dozens of helmets to the children that are undergoing extraordinary medical treatment.

    Whether it’s our upcoming hospital visit during the holidays, donating helmets to children diagnosed with cancer, or providing financial aid to an individual child through their personal battle with kidney disease… all the children we interact with will receive their very own Wreckin Ball Helmet along with an unlimited supply of decorations and graphics which they can use to make personal customizations. These helmets are intended as life-long keepsakes, whereby family members, friends, and celebrity guests have the opportunity to sign their personalized helmet. Think of it as a cast for their head. Better yet, the helmet itself is a fun escape for the children and allows them to feel like a kid again.

    Before I started down my entrepreneurial path, I made a promise I wouldn't start this endeavor unless I was able to give back to my community. It's no secret my helmets have an innate ability to make people smile... who deserves to smile more than a child undergoing medical care.

    We are currently accepting donations for the “Scottish Rite Hospital for Children”, the “Caron Leslie Foundation”, and “Wings 4 Angel” with 100% of the proceeds going towards these amazing children and the organizations that ultimately enhance their lives.

    To make a donation please book a call.

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